I shot this wedding back in November, and I often still think back on how beautiful it really was. Not only the stunning decor, but the emotion that was so incredibly obvious and freely shared by everyone. I’ve known Niomi since I moved here from Vancouver, and her energy has always been so uplifting and positive - it’s no wonder that her entire wedding day had that vibe. I usually can hold it together during ceremonies, but this time I had to fight through tears in order to see through my lens!

Anyone who knows Nick and Niomi can attest to the amount of love they have for one another. I think the photos show you a glimpse of what this couple knows to be true, which is that nothing else made sense before they had each other.

The Puddicombe House was a wonderful venue, and all of the deep reds and neutral colours added such a classy and romantic element to the day. It turned out to be a bit rainy, but the bridal party showed everyone that it truly is mind over matter and we pulled everything off. Different aspects of the Puddicombe House, including the gorgeous bridal suite, made it easy for us to find alternative options for the photos.

I’m so happy to finally add this wedding to the blog. Thank you Pete Khamphila for second shooting this day with me. I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!