If there was one word to sum up this wedding it would be: classy. Or maybe elegant. Or charming. Ok, that settles it…this wedding cannot be summed up in one word! There isn’t a single detail that didn’t wow me.

The setting for this beautiful wedding was Grey Silo golf course. The skies were perfectly clear, the temperature was amazing, but overall the wedding party took the cake! They were so welcoming and friendly, I felt right at home. And I have to mention how perfect the navy & soft pink touches were.

Last but most certainly not least, the bride and groom. Marina looked like a princess in her airy wedding gown, with the subtle touch of bling at her waist. And Andrew could not look more dapper! The couple was a dream - beautiful, sweet and full of the most sincere smiles and laughter.

A big thanks to these newly weds for allowing me to be a part of their day and share some of my favourite shots with you guys!