I try to make it a point to let all of my friends, family and clients know how important their continued support is to the success of my company. This is proven when new clients, like Li and Mischa, seek me out because my supporters have once again helped me to achieve a Record Reader Award.

This lovely couple currently lives in Ottawa, but because their families are from the KW area they were able to find me, and I am so glad that they did. I clicked with them right off the bat. Li had a a vision and I was willing to do everything in my power to bring that vision to life. It really boosts my morale when clients value my work as much as they do.

Li and Mischa are longtime sweethearts, and the chemistry between the two was unreal. It’s fantastic when I’m able to capture such a powerful connection - it helps to immortalize their love in photos.

This picture perfect wedding took place at Whistle Bear in October and while everything looked beautiful, it was absolutely freezing outside. All of the girls braving the cold weather in their dresses was a testament to how great the wedding party was to work with.

Lastly, a gigantic thank you to Denise Belanger for being such a wonderful second shooter. With her passion for photography and her positive attitude, I always love having her shoot with me.