It’s always great when a couple takes me to a location that they’re familiar with. They’ve already got certain spots in their mind, places that they’ve envisioned as their backdrop for quite some time. That was the case during Laura and Justin’s engagement shoot. Laura frequently runs along the Mill Pond near London, so she knew how perfect the setting would be. With a bit of walking and exploring, Mill Pond did not fail to impress.

With the light peeking through the trees, and the simple flowers that surrounded us, it all fit so well with how effortlessly their love translated on camera. Not one smile was unwarranted with these two - their love, their laughter, their overall happiness was the most natural of everything I captured during this session. Things run so smoothly when a couple is so comfortable with each other, even when a camera is present.

I can’t even imagine the photos that we’ll get during their wedding in Mexico next year. With such a beautiful and fun couple, it’s no wonder that my excitement level is through the roof!

Here are a few shots that stood out as my favourites this time around :)