This is one blog I have been dying to post for months!! Let me start off by saying that Justyn is one of my best friends. When she called me in August to tell me that Nathan proposed that morning, I was all in tears from joy! In that same phone call, she had told me I am her wedding photographer and that there is no if's, and's, or but's about it. You could only imagine my excitement that not only is my bff engaged.. but I get to watch her get married through my lens - the wedding that she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl. 

Fast forward to mid October for their engagement session, Justyn & Nate met me at my home in Mississauga and we all drove together to the other side of Toronto (just missing the crazy QEW rush hour) and headed to Scarborough. We first Shot at the stunning Guild Park in the first outfit, which I had been going gaga over since she sent me a photo of it weeks prior. These images remind me of scene's from a romance movie. The lighting was spot on and everything looked so elegant and romantic!

The second location was at the gorgeous Scarborough Bluff's. The scenery here was like we weren't even in Ontario and on a vacation, but in reality.. we were in the heart of a busy city that was just blocked out by the cliff's. We shot during the beautiful sunset and had less than half an hour to get the shots. We went from quite a serene location at Guild Park to a Windy and very chill shoreline. Needless to say, we got beautiful shots and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out from our adventurous day! 

Justyn & Nathan, I CANNOT wait for your wedding in June! I feel so honored to not only attend (because let's face it, I would have been there regardless) but to have been chosen to capture this important milestone for you both! 


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