Warning: the images you are about to see are so sweet and full of love that they may cause intense side effects such as uncontrollable smiling, continuous “aw-ing”, and wanting to run out and adopt a dog. I’m speaking from experience…

Gaby, Brandon and I met up for their engagement shoot in Waterloo, close to Grey Silo golf course. The open fields and rustic barn board acted as the perfect backdrop. Even the green grass played it’s roll wonderfully, and the couple didn’t miss a beat when it came to laying in the thick of it!

They both were so fun-loving and excited to experience this together that every pose came naturally to them, and their happiness was so easily captured. Gaby’s vibrant hair colour was the perfect reflection of her personality and I absolutely loved it. And don’t get me started on their pup, Quinn! Such an adorable dog - it’s like they had their entire world in between them for those shots.

Their wedding is going to be so much fun next year, but in the meantime let me stop gushing about these photos and you can take a look for yourself!