Mike is a Pilot for Air Canada and on September 6th, 2013 he took Alexis in a Cessna 172 plane to Toronto and proposed while they flew around the CN tower. The plane they were engaged on was also part of their engagement photos.. How cute! When they had told me their idea to go to the airport to take their engagement photos I was already so thrilled, but to be able to walk around the hangers and photograph in and around planes is an amazing experience! These photos seem to remind me of movie scenes. You can really see the love that these two share, I absolutely adore them. Thank you so much Alexis & Mike for giving me this opportunity (and allowing me to sit in a plane!). I had a blast shooting your engagement photos a few weeks ago and had an amazing time shooting your wedding this past weekend. Wedding photos to be posted in the next couple of weeks, for now here are my favorites from this unique engagement session.