Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to celebrate this unique phase of your lives. You’re only engaged once! For most of my couples, they have said that their engagement session was one of their favorite parts of working with me.

Engagement sessions are important to not only the photographer but you as a couple being in front of my camera. It gives me a chance to be able to see how you two are with eachother, it gives me a chance to see how you respond when I ask you to snuggle up, or get close. It allows me to figure out your comfort zones, and help creat a comfortable enviroment for both of you.

These sessions are the perfect time for you to see how I work, to see how I direct my poses, it gives you a chance to see how I communicate so you can feel comfortable in-front of my camera. Most importantly you learn to trust me. And trust essential to my relationships with my clients. When my clients know and trust that my biggest goal is to capture them looking the BEST that they can in their photos, it allows everyone to relax and enjoy the session.

It’s just plain fun. Engagement photos are a great excuse to put aside the stressful parts of planning a wedding and just enjoy one another and have some fun together, plus you get to use the photos for save the dates, guest books and other pre-wedding items to make your special day even better.


The most important thing is that you wear something you’re comfortable in. Show your personality and wear something that makes you feel amazing and shows your individual style. My goal is to capture you in your element, so feel free to get creative with your wordrobe! Limit of 1-3 outfits per session. Colors can really transform the look of an outfit in a photograph, and primary and secondary colors are great to help you stand out from the background. Wear outfits and accessories that go together, but try to avoid cliche matching as a couple. Dress as though you would be attending the same event, and keep the location of the shoot in mind with your choices. If possible, I recommend scheduling your makeup trial the same day as the session. In my experience it can really help you feel that much more confident and ready to be photographed. You’re welcome to bring an additional outfit as well if you’d like to mix it up a little bit. Most couples prefer to have one casual look, and one dressier look.


If you want to bring fun props like balloons, blankets, picnic basket etc. or props that mean something special to you, please do so. This is a great way to make your engagement session totally unique. 


All sessions are scheduled two to four hours before sunset in order to capture the day’s most beautiful, natural lighting. In the even of the forecast calling for rain, we will make a joint decision on the day of by noon to postpone.