On October 10th I had the pleasure of shooting Meagan and Colton’s wedding at Whistle Bear Golf Club. Perfect weather, no battling with insects, and jaw dropping colours - all of the reasons why I love fall weddings!

The immense amount of dedication and hard work was evident in the DIY decor. Not a single detail was missed or out of place. What stood out to me throughout the day was the impact that the colours had in every aspect of the wedding. The way that the wine coloured bridesmaids dresses were carried through to their bouquets. How the cupcakes and centrepieces were representative of a truly Canadian fall. And, possibly the most memorable for me, how Meagan and her daughter Scarlett shared the same breathtaking blue eyes.

With such a beautiful couple, my job as a photographer was made a little easier. And the love that Meagan and Colton displayed every time they looked at one another was almost tangible. Being able to feel the happiness a couple shares just by looking at their photo is priceless, and these two accomplished that effortlessly.

Visually, it’s obvious why Whistle Bear is such a desirable wedding venue, but working with such an outstanding wedding party made it even better than I had anticipated. They were a blast and it was obvious why each one of them had been chosen to stand next to the bride and groom on this special day.

A big thank you to the newly weds for allowing me to photograph these important moments for them. Here are some of my favourites I wanted to share with you!